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Getting married tops the charts in tension. Sitting in the list of the top ten most stressful life events, marriage even beats out losing your job to place 7th overall. It sounds a bit counterintuitive to describe the happiest day of your life in these terms, but even if the day is perfect, financial and family strains can make the run up really difficult.


Create Magical Moments in the Best Rustic Wedding Venue in Auckland, NZ

One of the ways to crack down on the feeling of an insurmountable task is to reduce the size of your wedding party. When we really get down to it, how many of the people we were thinking of inviting are really important to us? If you’ve just written your ex-dog-walker’s-cousin on your guest list, it’s maybe time to stop and revaluate.

The rise of the rustic wedding has embraced small wedding venues which offer a delicate approach to wedding planning. Spectacle and lavish spending have given way to quality moments, softness and proper relationships. There’s nothing more romantic than really connecting with the people around you. Our Bethells Beach accommodation matches with with the surrounding natural scenery is the perfect backdrop to your ceremony, making Flaxmere House the best rustic wedding venue in Auckland, NZ.

Auckland's Favourite Rustic Wedding Venue

A rustic wedding is probably amongst the biggest bridal trends of the last few years, but what does it mean? Rustic weddings are about embracing nature, country and farming influences. A return to a simpler time, the textures of a rustic wedding are based on organic materials. Known for a casual, relaxed vibe, our rustic weddings can take place on the beach front or in our extensive grounds for that ultimate outdoor moment. Here are our tips on how to create a rustic feel:

  • Keep it natural - Focus on natural décor, like flowers, wood, twine and burlap, to achieve the ultimate rustic look.
  • Home is where the heart is - As a family run business we create a homely atmosphere, which is essential to any rustic wedding. Our caterer has created a menu filled with tasty treats that offer an elevated version of rustic inspired foods. These touches make for a more relaxed experience for you and your guests.
  • Dress code? Casual - If you insist on suits and cocktail dresses then you’re probably going to get a stiff feeling to your ceremony, too. Encourage comfort, and an easy-going atmosphere will follow. Think about setting the scene with your own clothing, too. Beach brides often choose light, flowing gowns to fit in with their theme.
  • Do a little DIY - We will take care of most of your needs both before and on your big day. You may wish to make use of the free time you’ve gained by doing a little DIY, to add that personal touch to your rustic theme. Think mason jars, or handwritten notes but remember not to be too ambitious!

We Offer Auckland's Leading Wedding Venue with a Rustic Setting

Our website has everything you need to start exploring your options. Download our wedding package information, itinerary example and taster menu, today!

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