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How do you solve a problem like a wedding budget? If you’ve been sifting through Pinterest posts filled with fairy lights and mason jars, you might just be adding everything up and coming to the conclusion that you’ll need to re-mortgage your house just to afford the party favours. We all know the old adage, as soon as you say the word ‘wedding’ the price triples. Well, at Flaxmere House we believe that magic doesn’t need to cost the earth. Welcome to our affordable luxury BYO wedding venue.


Do It Your Way: Discover Our Auckland BYO Wedding Venue

The concept of BYO, or Bring Your Own, weddings is a fantastic money saver for brides or grooms on a budget. Previously, before the popularisation of the BYO venue, couples would be restricted to the drinks and caterers that the venue had relationships with. Many Auckland wedding venues are strict about their partnerships and will not allow you to invite other providers to tender, even if you really don’t like what their contractors have on offer. With the advent of the bespoke, hand crafted wedding has come a more relaxed attitude to providers, which is a great thing for choice and cost! Combined with our luxury accommodation, we like to think we're leading the way for other wedding venues in West Auckland in this regard.

When you have the flexability to BYO to your wedding, it allows you to be creative with your alcohol and catering choices, and here are a few ideas we’ve seen that we just love!

  • Print your own labels - A fun way to bring your personality to the table, some couples choose to order their alcohol from providers that offer a print your own label option. Imagine starting the party with a ‘Bob and Betty’ beer, or popping the cork on a ‘Chris and Cam’ champagne bottle? The options are endless!
  • Get crafty with a personalised cocktail - If you, your partner, or maybe even a close friend or favourite bar tender, are creative with cocktails then your wedding could be a great place to show off your flare! Create a new cocktail recipe that combines the newlywed’s personalities. Is one a little spicy and the other a sweet dream? Create a contrasting explosion of flavour, a twist on the classic Cape Samurai cocktail, or try Vanessa’s Sangria recipe. Even better, once you have found your flavour, why not print the recipe on special cards and give to your guests as a unique wedding favour?

Contact Us To Learn More About Our BYO Wedding Options

Our easy to use website has a simple enquiry form, ready for you to start your booking process and get you on your way. All you need to do is submit your details and we will be happy to start a conversation about your particular needs and requirements. Get in touch with us today!

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